Monday, 19 May 2014

Three Buns,Senopati

So, Three Buns is a brand new burger joint in Senopati. 
Once you walked in you will be asked if you've visited Three Buns/not. You will order and pay your meal at the cashier shaped in a VW Combi just like another fast food restaurants. Then they will give you a number depends on the queue. There's a board with some numbers and lights and if your order is ready the number will light up and you can take your order.

The place were nice you can sit on the bar, or the sofa or the sofa shaped like stairs so you can burn the calories before and after you eat those sinful yet yummy meal. They don't put air conditioner in the dining room but they have it in the bathroom....

I only ordered home fries because i've eaten. It was doublefried  with some herbs spices.  It was 40k Rupiah.
The hamburgers are starting from 95k RupiIah. They also has alcoholic drinks,
I think this place is really recommended for the ambience 

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