Monday, 19 May 2014

Hummingbird (Kuningan City)

Today my friend and i tried hummingbird for the first timelol
In the first place we actually want to sit in the bird cage but since there are just the two of us and the cage is pretty big we decided to sit on the sofa. The place was interesting and the service was really fast.

Mozza Chickensmile 64.5kThis is a boneless grilled chicken with cheese on top and some mushrooms inside of it. It is very tender, you can feel the seasoning in it.  The mashed potato is also very tasty.They also added cherry tomato and lettuce. Sadly, the lettuce is not really fresh but,overall i highly recommend this dish.

Rosemary Infused Roasted Chickensmile 64.5kOne of the highly recommended dish by the restaurant. A roasted chicken, served with salad and fried potato. They also poured mushroom sauce on the chicken. Savory!The time you eat it, it will be dancing in your tummy(or not). The chicken is very delicious and you can feel the seasoning until in the bones of the chicken.

They also have promo if you tweet pic your food or beverages to @hummingbird_eat you can get cookies or a green bag. Here's the pic of the greenbag:
Green Bag
Green Bag

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